• anne-emmanuelle_naeslund

      Anne-Emmanuelle, Managing Director

    • Anne-Emmanuelle Näslund is our managing director. With more than 15 years experience of companies and organizations such as McKinsey & Co, Läkemedelsverket, Morningstar and Spray, she will understand your needs. She is most likely your first contact with Doctricks. Anne-Emmanuelle is a LEAN expert and works with leadership questions, process optimization and project management.

    • petrus_näslund

      Petrus, Solutions and Sales, Partner

    • Petrus Näslund is one of the founders of Doctricks. He’s a senior consultant and OpenText certified developer. For more than 15 years he has been involved with CCM and ECM solutions all over the world and helped companies in varied branches such as Finance, Telecom and Manufacturing. Before this Petrus developed web applications for the financial services sector. At Doctricks, he works with sales, solution architecture, development and project management.

    • hanna_oldengard

      Hanna, Project Manager

    • Hanna Oldengård is one of our project managers. She has a background in the Telecom industry with expertise in commissioning, communication solutions and migration projects. At Doctricks, she makes sure to deliver projects from a problem-solving and responsive perspective with customer satisfaction as the first priority.

    • sandrine_elander

      Sandrine, Project Manager

    • Sandrine Elander is another of our project managers. She has a solid background from the world of CRM and at Doctricks she makes sure that projects are delivered in time, with quality and to the expected cost.

    • andreas_sjödin

      Andreas, consultant

    • Andreas Sjödin is consultant and OpenText certified developer. He has been working with OpenText products since 2013. At Doctricks, Andreas is a developer and also handles support.

    • sussie_ax

      Sussie, finance and administration

    • Sussie Ax takes care of Doctricks finances and administration. She has extensive experience in the area and comes most recently from the service industry where she has run her own hotel. Sussie is passionate about providing the best service to Doctricks customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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      Maybe your name should be here?

    • We currently have a lot to do and need to grow to meet demand. Get in touch with us here: Tell us about yourself and attach your CV. We look forward to your letter.