Advice: Create your own Business Intelligence (BI) reports

- quick and easy with Doctricks know-how

When passing data through StreamServe, a natural part of the process is to analyze the production logs, to find for example:

– How many emails were produced?
– How many inserts were used in this months PrintShop file?
– How many documents were produced per department?
– And so on…

These numbers can then be checked off against marketing targets and Business Intelligence (BI) goals.
easy reports with streamserve

To create this information in an easily readable format with StreamServe, we recommend the use of some inbuilt functions and a little Doctricks “know-how” to help you see what’s happened every hour, day, week or month.

Follow these simple steps to get your own BI reports:

1) Decide which transactions you wish to track, e.g. Number of emails created.
2) Decide upon the frequency of the reports and who should read them. e.g. Every week for the Marketing Manager.
3) Install and configure a Doctricks produced report generator.
4) Update ancillary services to improve your statistics if you need more data.
5) Sit back and have BI reports delivered to your Inbox.

Contact us at Doctricks today. We will gladly meet you and discuss your BI reporting possibilities.

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