Case Financial Services – DNB

In the Nordics, DNB is one of the largest entities within Banking, Finance and Insurance. In Sweden, DNB is a leading car dealership financier offering a wide selection of services within Leasing, Rental and Loan together with a range of associated brands.

In 2012, the situation was the following: All DNB customers received identically looking black and white transactional invoices. It was difficult for the customers to relate to and identify the producer of the car that they were driving and leasing. And if DNB wanted to include additional collaterals with the invoice, then they would be looking at an expensive and time consuming process not allowing them to quickly react to changes on the market.

  • Så såg fakturan ut innan projektet startade.

By the end of 2012, OpenText asked Doctricks to help design a way forward for DNB using StreamServe. Together with DNB, we developed a color-print invoice with a customized look for each car brand and partnership. At the same time we boldly removed the standard OCR payment slip at the bottom of the invoice. It turned out that 94 percent of all customers never used it anyway! Instead we decided to use that space for marketing offers from the car dealerships associated with the customer. The few customers still paying by slip would naturally continue to receive it, yet this time as a dynamically inserted extra page.

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  • Du får större möjligheter att göra snygga fakturor om du använder Streamserve.

The new invoice also have the possibility to carry dynamic attachments. This resulted in DNB not having to plan for extra marketing material long in advance, and more importantly, to not stock supplies of pre-printed marketing material, rendered useless upon changes in the offerings.

For example, DNB can now send a pre-printed Credit Card Application to customers with car financing, but without a brand related credit card. Other customers already with a card instead receive a marketing page customized just for them as card holders.  Also, simple plain stationary and envelopes are used for all printed documents, further reducing costs and logistics.

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  • latt-att-skicka-med-bilagor-med-streamserve

  • lagg-in-extraerbjudanden-med-streamserve

On top of the changes already mentioned, we added Customer Service information on to the invoice. This section is updated every month to answer the most frequently asked questions to Customer Service. The information can be optimized for the individual customer so that, for example, a customer without direct debit receives additional information about how to sign up.

  • extra-skraddarsydd-info-fran-kundtjanst-med-streamserve

The solution was designed and built by Doctricks in just over two months by using StreamServe and the module Composition Center. The new invoice reached the first 20 000 customers in April 2012. To reduce the load of customers calling Customer Service about the new invoice, the invoice was rolled out successively to all partnerships and brands throughout the rest of the year.

After the rollout, the majority of Customer Service calls related to the invoice were of customers thanking DNB for the new invoice!

  • tackkort-fran-kund

During 2013, the same process was carried out for all of DNB’s associated credit card partners and brands.

Through the common StreamServe platform, one of DNB’s partnerships/brands can now communicate with their customers the same way if they are a car leaser, a credit card customer or both. This way, a relationship is built whereby the customer can recognize the brand of the car they are driving and feel acknowledged by it. DNB’s brands and partnerships also feel comfortable knowing that the work put into building a brand experience is represented with high fidelity all the way through the communication chain to the customer.

Today, DNB has a tremendous platform and can quickly add new partnerships without any technical development. They also have the possibility, through customer account segmentation, to provide targeted communication to groups of customers or even individuals. With StreamServe, DNB today also are digital ready and have the possibility to distribute their invoices and communication in other formats and channels keeping the same great user experience.

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