Customer case telecom – Telmore

  • Telmore delivers millions of multi-channel communications with StreamServe
    Telmore is one of Denmark’s leading telephone utilities based in Copenhagen, pioneering with 100% on-line presence, customer self-service and highly transparent customer prices and services.

    In early 2013, Telmore decided to decommission a series of business systems and introduce a new common platform to be able to reach out to their customers with marketing material faster than ever before. The new platform supports customer related processes, product configurations, prices, web page, customer service and billing. It can handle up to 1200 transactions per second, manage 2 000 concurrent customer logins and 100 operators logged in to customer service.

    In the middle of 2013, Telmore chose OpenText StreamServe CCM to handle customer communication from the platform via email and text messaging at high volume. Shortly after that, OpenText asked Doctricks if we could lead the solution design and deliver the implementation.

    The requirements:

    • Enable marketing users to create and maintain complex customer communications with minimal assistance from IT
    • Provide multi-channel output for email, text messaging and letter based communications
    • Provide Customer Service with access to all archived customer communications
    • Provide support for dynamic messaging via simple and complex rules
    • Handle 1 million transactions a day
    • To group communications into those for immediate transmission and into those for office hours

    Doctricks implemented StreamServe with Composition Center as the tool to define text objects, images and rules for documents such as Welcome Letters and Payment Confirmations. Key staff at Telmore were educated in the tool to adjust messaging and perform copy proofing without the need for IT-staff. It took our consultants four months to implement the project from specification to communications in production.

    To achieve the above, we used OpenText StreamServe CCM: Correspondence Management with Composition Center, Template Engine and StoryTeller with a Doctricks developed module to handle multi-threaded text messaging with internal queue priority handling.

    Through choosing OpenText StreamServe CCM, Telmore now has the possibility to create tailored and account status focused communications. Moreover, they now have reduced quantities of calls and email to Customer Service, automated print routines and finally an application ready to meet the future demands of effective customer communications.

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