Customized billing process eases communication design for Swedish Postcode Lottery

Svenska Postkodlotteriet AB

At the Svenska Postkodlotteriet office in Stockholm there are about 200 people working with everything from marketing and finance to customer service and IT. Together with OpenText, Doctricks was invited to help develop a new process to manage their critical billing output.

Svenska Postkodlotteriet desired to reach out to their customers and establish a more personalised communication than they have today. The process of creating content and market offers was previously hosted with an external supplier where the opportunity to influence the content and segmentation was limited. They desired the possibility to produce their own individual invoices with targeted account information and the latest offers.

• Text templates for customer invoices provided by an external supplier.
• Difficult to update and segment content with customized messages to individuals.
• Construction of invoices with complex text rules are difficult to implement.
• The skills and willingness to take over the process is high.

• Communicate market offerings to clients faster.
• Have total control of all content in customer invoices.
• Increase efficiency through enhanced communication, structure and procedures.

• Build up a new process in-house with existing infrastructure and take advantage of new opportunities for partner cooperation.
• Design and build customer letters in OpenText StreamServe.
• Use Composition Center and Template Engine for complex text construction.
• Produce AFP print files for delivery to print.
• Integrate with other content management tools to facilitate customer service.
• Report status of each document to the billing system.
• Create daily production statistics in graphical form for quick identification of status and deviations.

doctricks streamserve svenska postkodlotteriet

Next steps
• Increase business value through the opening of new branding, marketing, personalization of communication and closer cooperation with lottery beneficiaries.
• Get started with more letter types and reduce the number of IT processes.
• Reduce costs by consolidating all OpenText StreamServe platforms.

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