Our services

  •  Architecture

    We analyze your business and determine your customer communication needs. We propose IT solutions that bring improvements and more effective ways to work. Upon finalization, we can provide the technology, or hand over to your own technical provider.

  •  Development

    Our certified StreamServe consultants become your developers and technicians. For example, we can provide you with services to implement StreamServe, upgrade your platform or develop your current solutions.

  •  Optimization

    If you already have a StreamServe solution installed, we can assist with systems troubleshooting and/or optimization. We can also perform optimization of other customer communication applications.

  •  Optimization

    We analyze your current communications solution usage. We provide new work methods, process improvements and development that can ease your business. We have distinct competency for scrum and lean methodologies.

  •  Project management

    We help you with project management depending upon your needs: project planning, time estimates, follow up etc. We map your needs and assist with your IT projects.

  •  Education

    If you wish to perform routine document changes yourself, we can help you get started and teach you how StreamServe works for you.

From the blog

  • New office

    During summer we moved to a new office location in the center of Uppsala. If you are passing by Vaksalagatan please come visit us and enjoy a nice view of the city.

  • certified_exstream_developer

    Doctricks consultants are certified OpenText Exstream developers.

  • certified_exstream_administrator

    Doctricks consultants are certified OpenText Exstream administrators.