Doctricks Women’s Days – Hanna

Mar 7, 2024

About Hanna:
I am 38 years old and came to Sweden because of russian aggression in Ukraine in 2022. I work as a graphic designer at Doctricks.

How is International Women’s Day celebrated in Ukraine compared to Sweden, and what are the key differences in their approaches?
In Ukraine, the International Women’s Day holiday is celebrated in a bright and emotional way. It is usually a day when men and colleagues express their gratitude to women. Traditionally, they give flowers and sweets. In Sweden, this holiday is also important, but it has a slightly different form – a general recognition of the role of women in society.

What are some key differences you observe in the way women’s rights are perceived and advocated for in Ukraine compared to Sweden?
In Ukraine, there has been some progress in equality, especially in the last 10 years. But, in my opinion, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed, especially in the context of cultural and historical processes. But Ukrainian society is bravely taking on the challenge and continuing to work, because it is very important to maintain and build on the progress that has been made.

I have been living in Sweden for the last two years and I am very pleased to observe the high level of equality and support of women’s rights by the Swedish society, as well as the involvement of women in political and cultural processes. The progressive nature of Swedish gender equality policy is an opportunity for other countries, including Ukraine, to follow Sweden’s example. In particular, I am referring to legislative initiatives for family and social support aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for both sexes.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that women still face in terms of achieving equality in Ukraine/Sweden? What are the solutions?
In today’s society in Ukraine and Sweden, despite significant progress in gender equality, women still face important challenges. One of the main aspects, in my opinion, is the internal prejudice in women’s minds. Feeling doubtful about their own abilities and rights can limit their willingness to show their strengths.

The most effective solution to this problem is to encourage women not to be afraid to explore their potential and demonstrate their expertise in various fields. The development of confidence and self-determination can be promoted by supporting special initiatives aimed at developing leadership skills among women and recognising their achievements.
Celebrating 8 March can help to reduce prejudice and raise awareness of the importance of women’s contributions in all areas of life.