What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in text files. These files are saved on your computer or device when websites are loaded in a web browser. Their main role is to store your preferences and identification, both for a single session (implemented through “session cookies”) and for multiple visits (using “persistent cookies”). These cookies are crucial for providing a consistent and efficient user experience. They perform important tasks such as facilitating user logins and maintaining login states. Cookies can originate from sites you actively visit (referred to as “first-party cookies”), or they can come from external sources that provide content on the same site (referred to as “third-party cookies”). Thus, cookies contribute to understanding how a website or service is used, optimizing page navigation, retaining user preferences, and enhancing the overall browsing experience.

Example of a cookie:
Cookie identifier: “akm_mobile” – This specific cookie stores information about whether the user has selected the mobile version of the website.

Types of Cookies on our website:

  • “Strictly Necessary” (perform technical functions)
  • “Performance” (provide personalized experiences for visitors and registered users)
  • “Functionality” (store user preferences)

Cookie lifespan:
The duration a cookie remains on your device depends on whether it is “persistent” or “session-based.” Session cookies exist only during active browsing sessions and disappear upon logout or closure of browser.
In contrast, persistent cookies remain on the computer or device until they expire or are deleted.

Third-party Content/Embedded Content:
Our site utilizes various third-party applications and services to enhance user experience.
This includes social media platforms like LinkedIn or embedded content from sites like YouTube and Vimeo. As a result, cookies created and used by these third-party sources may track your online activity. It’s important to note that we do not have direct control over the data collected by these cookies.

Use of cookies
Doctricks doesn’t use cookies for marketing purpose.
You can manage the use of cookies from your own device. Please see the section below on “Managing Cookies”.

Managing Cookies:
Visitors can consider restricting or completely blocking cookie usage. Most browsers offer options to manage cookie behavior, including their duration of storage, through built-in functions or third-party extensions.
For detailed information about managing and deleting cookies, visit
Detailed information about advertising cookies and their management can be found on (EU) or (USA).
It’s worth noting that limiting or disabling cookie usage might restrict website functionality or lead to improper operation.