OpenText StreamServe

Founded in Sweden in 1997, StreamServe rapidly earned recognition for its pioneering solutions in enterprise-level document output and customer communications management. In 2010, the Canadian global information management leader OpenText acquired StreamServe, incorporating it into its Customer Experience Management (CEM) portfolio. 

Rebranded as OpenText StreamServe, the product evolved to offer more scalable, integrated, and flexible solutions for optimizing document-centric processes and enhancing customer interactions.

In a significant development in 2016, OpenText also acquired the competing CCM product Exstream from HP and later came to integrate StreamServe’s features into it. This strategic move was designed to create a more robust, unified Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform capable of handling a diverse range of tasks, from high-volume document generation to interactive, on-demand communications. StreamServe is today branded as OpenText Exstream Server Edition to distinguish from the newer OpenText Exstream Cloud Edition.

The software’s integration capabilities eliminate the need to build systems from scratch, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate it into their existing operations. This unified platform offers numerous advantages such as enhanced document automation, personalization, multi-channel delivery options, and improved operational efficiency. Businesses can achieve messaging consistency and compliance with industry regulations more effectively than using separate, disconnected tools. As an indispensable component for companies aiming to centralize and automate their customer communications, OpenText Exstream/StreamServe significantly elevates the customer experience through timely, targeted, and relevant messaging, delivering both time and cost savings.

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