Founded in 1994 as GMC Software Technology Limited and originally headquartered in Switzerland, the company focused on providing Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions, primarily to the financial services industry. Their flagship product was GMC Inspire, an enterprise communication platform designed to transform and automate customer engagement across various channels.

In 2012, GMC Software Technology was acquired by Neopost, a European leader in mailroom equipment and logistics systems. The acquisition led to further development and expansion of GMC’s CCM solutions. In 2016, GMC Software became part of the Neopost Group, later rebranded as Quadient in 2019. This rebranding signified a broader organizational commitment to end-to-end customer experience solutions. As part of this transformation, GMC Inspire evolved into Quadient Inspire, expanding its features to better integrate both digital and physical communication channels. The platform continues to be a cornerstone in Quadient’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CXM) offerings. Today, Quadient Inspire serves as a centralized control center for all customer communications—be it through email, printed mail, or text messages. The software enables businesses to design and personalize communications, ensuring that messages are not only relevant but also delivered at the right time through the customer’s preferred channel. It is used by organizations of various sizes across multiple industries, such as financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. The platform not only streamlines tasks but also ensures legal compliance, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. The result is happier customers and a more efficient communication strategy for businesses.

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