Doctricks Women’s Days

Mar 4, 2024

This week at Doctricks we want to pay attention to Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8th. As a company in the tech industry Doctricks is quite unique since the majority of the employees are female. For comparison women make up about 33% of the tech related workforce according to

What is Women’s Day?

Women’s day is celebrated around the world on March 8th. The purpose is to remind the world about the fight for gender equality and the need to address issues such as discrimination, violence and inequality women face today.

What are the core values of Women’s Day?

  • Promoting gender equality
  • Celebrating women’s achievements
  • Raising awareness of women’s rights and issues
  • Fostering inclusivity
  • Advocating for social, economic, cultural and political empowerment of women

How are Doctricks going to raise awareness about Women’s Day?

Each day of this week, we will post some interviews and facts that’s relates to the core values of Women’s Day. The interviews will be of some of our employees talking about their experience of equality from different viewpoints.