Doctricks Women’s Days – Sandrine

Mar 6, 2024

About Sandrine:  My name is Sandrine, and I’m originally from France, living in Sweden since 2000. My journey into the tech world is somewhat unconventional. I studied mathematics in high school and pursued musicology and musician education in college, specializing in the harpsichord, viola da gamba, and baroque chamber music. Professionally, I transitioned from being a data analyst in the financial sector to the automotive industry, where I spent almost a decade managing customer relations. In 2017, I shifted my focus to the tech industry, became a certified SCRUM Master in 2018, graduated as a Frontend Developer in 2021, and as a UX Designer in 2022. I currently work with Doctricks as a project manager and SCRUM Master. Beyond my professional life, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two sons, aged 19 and 21, gardening, and walking our two dogs. What does equality mean to you, especially in your career? Equality means recognizing everyone’s potential and ensuring fair opportunities for success, regardless of gender or background. It’s about valuing skills and achievements impartially. This belief has shaped my approach to leadership, focusing on merit and fostering an inclusive environment. Have you faced any challenges in the tech industry as a woman? While my journey has been largely positive, it hasn’t been without its challenges. There were moments when I had to work harder to prove my competence, overcome imposter syndrome and earn respect in spaces that felt predominantly male-oriented. However, these challenges taught me resilience and the importance of self-advocacy. Overcoming them has also reinforced my commitment to creating a supportive and bias-free workplace for my team. How has being a woman influenced your approach as an IT project manager and SCRUM Master? I believe that my background in music and my diverse experiences as a partner, parent, and team member have most enriched my leadership style, placing a strong emphasis on empathy, collaboration, and effective communication, more than my gender has. Similar to playing chamber music, I aim to harmonize diverse talents and perspectives to achieve our collective goals, fostering a creative and inclusive team dynamic.