Doctricks Women’s Days – Ella

mar 5, 2024

About Ella:  I am 26 years old who recently took my master’s degree in interaction technology and design. I have worked at Doctricks as an IT-consultant for the last few months. What does equality mean for you? Equality for me means that everyone is given the same opportunities regardless gender. Being a woman is not a disadvantage it is an advantage. Can you share any personal experiences or observations regarding gender dynamics in the university? During my time at university, I never felt I got mistreated because I was female. I studied a program where the gender ratio was 50/50, which is quite unique for a tech education. However, something I noticed and know is a problem is that most tech educations is dominated by men. I do not personally think that it is on purpose, but I do think that it is an issue that needs to be handled. We need to encourage more women to take an interest in tech and show them that there is place for them as well. For example, in my year there was roughly just about 3 women out of 70 reading the computer engineering program. What do you think can be done to enforce equality among tech educations? I think it is important with presence. Show other women that the tech industry is a place for them as well. During my time as a student, I rarely came by other women working in tech when talking to different tech companies. We need to be better at representing equality within the tech industry and promoting a future where equality is not just the goal but also the reality.